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Navigation Data

Navigation Data for Kenya Now Available From Oakar Services

You can now get electronic navigable maps for Kenya at Oakar Services. The data includes street level data, and points of interest data such as towns, hotel, banks, schools, hospitals and administration offices. The roads data contains the road numbers, road type, driving directions and road names.


The navigation data can be used for automotive navigation systems using portable GPS devices e.g. Garmin Nuvi. With the data, the Garmin Nuvi can navigate to a specific address, a Point of Interest (POI), a recent location, a specific junction or your favourites. It also allows you to directly input a specific GPS coordinate and features Where Am I, a convenient menu that shows your exact position (latitude and longitude) as well as the nearest junction. You can also quickly find the closest hospitals, police stations and petrol stations in case of emergency.  The navigation data is accurate to 10 metres and is crucial for vehicle tracking and fleet management systems.

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