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Land & Engineering Surveying Services

We possess the technical expertise, equipment and accessories required to carry out various assignments in the broader field of land surveys, engineering surveys and geodetic surveys.

Topographical Surveys: we undertake topographic surveys for site planning and for the design of engineering and construction works.

Engineering Surveys: Using engineering instruments to achieve the high accuracies required for setting out of engineering works such as pipelines, highways, bridges, underground works for tunnels and mining, among others. We also have software-enabled survey solutions for quick and accurate determination of earthworks volumes.

Control Surveys:  Densification of control points by deploying high-end optical and geodetic solutions such as 1” total stations and dual-frequency GPS receivers. We execute ground control surveys to assist in flight planning for aerial photography and rectification of satellite imagery.

Precise Construction Surveys:  Construction lasers for precise indoor partitioning, outdoor alignment works, and alignment for underground construction.

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