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Survey Services

We possess the technical expertise, equipment and accessories required to carry out various assignments in the broader field of land surveys, engineering surveys and geodetic surveys.

Cadastral Survey:

It involves survey of land for the purpose of boundary demarcation, beacon re-establishment, property sub-division, and obtaining of deed plans and RIMs for the purpose of registration of a real property.

Sectional Property Surveys:

This involves the division of buildings into units to be owned by individual proprietors and common property to be owned by proprietors of the units as tenants in common.

Control and Geodetic Surveys:

A high-precision control survey is implemented by performing long geodetic observations (Static Survey) and thereafter conducting post-processing operations to generate the final and absolute coordinates of the horizontal position.

Drone Surveys:

Drone Survey provides a robust means of spatial data acquisition with a good spatial and radiometric resolution depending on the deployed payload/sensor.

Topographical Surveys:

We undertake topographic surveys for site planning and the design of engineering and construction works.

Due Diligence Survey:

We undertake due diligence surveys to check on the status of land parcels by obtaining and perusing the following documents: a copy of the title, survey plan, Registry Index Map, search report, and the computation file.

Route Survey:

We undertake route surveys for infrastructure projects such as roads, water utilities, pipelines, electric transmission lines, and telecommunication utilities.

Precise Construction Survey:

We provide services in construction surveying for precise indoor partitioning, outdoor alignment works, alignment for underground construction, precise leveling from blinding levels, placement of piles, foundation levels, and establishment of floor levels including the volume computation for the building construction quantities as indicated in the construction design map.

Map Production:

We offer imaginative and innovative custom map production services to clients in need of high-quality maps. We specialize in providing maps for websites, publications, and for promotional purposes.

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