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Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance (SWM), a comprehensive support program available to all customers on a yearly subscription basis and commences a year after purchase of software. The Software Maintenance program provides quick, thorough assistance to specific issues, involving the client in the process.


The software maintenance programme includes the following benefits:

  • Software Upgrades: Automatic upgrades are part of the Software Maintenance program, ensuring you have the most up-to-date version of your software. Software updates are released in the form of fixes, services packs, and full releases. When a new version of a product is released, it is delivered to customers with current Software Maintenance contracts via Internet download. Service packs are delivered via Internet download. Licenses must be under Software Maintenance to transfer to another machine or platform of equal value. In other situations, licenses may be transferred for a fee.
  • Technical Support: Technical support assist with installation, licensing, and configuration, as well as helping to resolve technical issues the client may encounter. Every technical support engineer has access to a team of technology experts from both a functional and technical perspective.
  • User Training: Two (2) members of staff qualify for FREE annual training on the software for a duration of 4 days at our offices in Nairobi.
  • License Re-host: Two free license re-hosts per year.

The software maintenance will deliver up to date licenses of the purchased software for the maintenance period.

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