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GIS Training

We offer a wide range of training on GIS, these range from introductory courses to specialized courses focusing on specific industries. Our strategy is to help you develop the best possible route to acquiring GIS knowledge and skills to benefit you and your organization.

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The following courses on offer include:

  • Introduction to GIS (2 days)
  • Fundamentals of GeoMedia (4 days)
  • Managing Utilities Using GIS (3 days)
  • GIS for Natural Resource Management (3 days)
  • GIS for Resource Planning & Management (3 days)
  • Fundamentals of Web Mapping (3 days)
  • Fundamentals of GeoMedia Smart Client (4 days)

For inquiries and detailed information on these courses and other GIS and Remote Sensing Training please contact training@osl.co.ke

Upcoming Events

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