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Training Events

Enjoy Discounted Prices on GIS Training Sign up today for any of the customized courses listed below and develop your skills from as low as Ksh 10,000 + VAT only. This offer is only valid till 31st March, 2019.    
Course Name Course Duration
Introduction to GIS 2 Days
Introduction to Remote Sensing 2 Days
Introduction to GPS/GNSS 2 Days
Surveying Using GPS/GNSS 3 Days
Mobile Mapping Using Mobile Mapper Field Software 2 Days
Total Station and Levelling Fundamentals 3 Days
GIS for Natural Resource Management 3 Days
Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS 2 Days
Drone Data Processing 2 Days


For inquiries and detailed information on this special offer please contact training@osl.co.ke


External Training Events

These are 2-5 day events held at different locations around the country. These trainings will not only take you through the fundamental skills, but will involve a hands-on approach that will give you a treat of the real-world situation and successful case studies around the world. You will also apply the very latest technologies in hardware, software and workflows in these fields to give you a rich learning experience


Technical Training Events

These short courses are designed for users and professionals with interest in short trainings geared towards addressing specific work or project challenges as well as gaining proficiency in specific modules. The trainings will take you through the basics and will also involve a hands-on approach with sample successful case studies around the world.

Download the Technical Training Schedule for 2019


Upcoming Events

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