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AT OAKAR SERVICES, we know that training and capacity building are vital for every successful organization. We understand the challenges of keeping workforce skills and knowledge up to-date and we are aware that every organization has a unique group of individuals with a range of learning styles and educational needs. As a result, we offer a variety of training programs that cover topics related to GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Surveying.

Our training courses are offered as “instructor-led” and are available onsite at our training centre or offsite at a client’s site. The instructor-led courses explain concepts, explore applications, and teach customers how to use software, hardware and related technologies. Our courses combine hands-on experience and class participation, giving students ample time to practice their skills and apply what they have learnt. The courses are customized, allow for focused and frank discussions and use local data and examples, thus ensuring optimal relevance of the content.

Student benefits include:

  • Individual attention;
  • Direct peer interaction and professional networking; and
  • Scalable and flexible training solutions

Why train with us?

  1. Our training materials are customized to suit local needs;
  2. We have a reputation for excellence and service;
  3. Technical support is extended to students as they apply the knowledge using their data at their workplace;
  4. We are constantly updating our course content and developing new programmes to reflect the latest industry developments and techniques;
  5. Our courses are driven by the practical needs of technical professionals and the industries in which they work. Our courses will provide you with practical tools and techniques that can be put to use immediately; and
  6. Our course instructors are highly skilled professionals who combine academic expertise with significant industry experience.Our training materials are customized to suit local needs.

For inquiries and detailed information please contact us through training@osl.co.ke

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